The value of meta tags is often not appreciated by the search engine enthusiasts. Meta tags are one of the many components of your website that will allow it to possess high rankings in the eyes of Google, Bing and so on. The tags allow you to tell search engines a little about your website and its contents.


What does a meta tag look like?

The code below represents the keyword meta tag.


Why are meta tags so important?

In the world of SEO, meta tags are the difference between appearing on the 1st page on the search results for your keyword and the 45th page. The title, description and keyword tags directly tell a search engine what can be found on a particular page which is crucial. There are often plugins for popular content management systems (CMS) that allow you to automatically  populate the meta tags content using information about a page or post.


Different Types of Meta Tags

There are many different types of meta tags that can be used on a website. Some people even ‘make up’ their own tags for authorisation purposes on third party websites.

To find a list of useful and popular tags, visit here.


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