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How much does it cost to get medical records? Unfortunately, there is no, straightforward, simple answer.

Prices will vary by who you are, where the records are held, how many you want, and so on. Fees for a law firm, like Maryland’s Snyder and Snyder Litigation Team, will differ from a consumer, and will also be different than a private company.

Fortunately, understanding the maze of nominal fees and pricing structures only takes a few minutes, and there are a variety of ways you can retrieve records that you may not have considered.

State by State Differences:

As an American, no matter where you live, your state will have a law which guarantees that you have access to your medical records. But copies of those records often cost several fees, because like with transcripts, you do not pay for copies of your records when you pay for medical services.

Payment for those copies covers the cost of the time it takes to retrieve, duplicate, and mail medical documents.

Every state also has a law regarding the amount that can be charged for access to medical records. While most of these laws cite little more than the price must be “reasonable”, what is considered reasonable varies widely from state to state.

For example, Arkansas allows a maximum of .25 cents per page with a cost of no more than $5 for the first five pages, and photocopies not exceeding $1 each. On the other hand, Kansas allows a maximum of $17.50 to be charged for labor, with a charge of 58 cents per page up to the first 250, and 41 cents per page beyond that.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll end up paying 58 cents per page in if you’re retrieving records from Kansas, because not all providers will charge the maximum that the state allows. The charges of individual providers varies widely even among states and is usually correlated with the difficulty of finding your records.

Furthermore, if you cannot afford to pay for your records, you can still get access to them. Because we are allowed access to medical records by law, demonstrating that you cannot afford to pay for your records to a hospital enables you free access.

Record Retrieval Companies and Cost:

If you need access to many medical records, one alternative to direct access is to turn to an electronic record retrieval company. The delivery of these records is usually substantially quicker than gaining access to them directly through medical bureaucracy, which in a best case scenario usually requires 7-10 business days simply to process your request.


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