You must have heard the fact that eating green and leafy vegetables keeps you disease free as it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron and lot of fiber. But do you have any idea that out of all those green vegetables there is one in which might get interest you in and i.e. Broccoli. Broccolis are found to be the richest source of plant nutrients as far as all the vegetables are concerned and they are the ones which can decrease the risks of strokes and cancer. In total it is one of that kind of dietary supplement which has to be added in the diet on daily basis.

Do you a complete idea that what nutrients are in broccoli? Well the answer to the same is that it is known as the storehouse of number of plant nutrients such as isothiocyanates, indoles and flavonoids. Wide studies done by the researchers have proved that what kind of benefits can leads via regular uptake of broccoli and that includes majorly protection from cancers of urinary bladder, breasts and pancreas.

Broccoli is a complete vegetable comprised of number of health benefits and being a low calorie vegetable it provides almost 34 calories with every 100g and also contains maximum amount of antioxidants i.e. around 1632umol per every 100g. As far as vitamins are concerned broccoli is considered to be the best and contains a large amount of vitamin A which is present in the top green part of broccoli and along with that it is also exceptionally rich in terms of vitamin C and that forms the reason to fight against number of viruses and also develops great immunity.

There are so many other things as well which can make you think that what nutrients are in broccoli which can leads you to live a healthy life in the modern era where everything seems to be artificial. Broccoli is considered to be the medicine for all the “would be mothers” because of the presence of folates in it which can prevent the child from neural tube difficulties. It is the perfect combination of all the essential elements and i.e. phosphorus, manganese, calcium, iron and zinc. It is very well known that human body does requires all the essential elements everyday but not many of us knows that what is the right food which can brings the essential elements in just one meal and uptake of broccoli at regular will never leave you in a need to have the elements. And most importantly, Broccoli is one of that vegetable which contains omega-3 fatty acids which are further comprised of linoleic and oleic acids and being unsaturated fatty acids it does helps to lower down the blood sugar level and that’s the reason considered to be the best for the diabetic patients because of minimal amount of cholesterol in it. Lastly, Broccoli is considered to be the best medicine for those as well who suffering from any vision related issues because it does provides the pigment retinol necessary for retina.



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