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Business owners need to keep up with the technology, irrespective of the type and scale of their business. With extensive improvements in technology, many businesses have moved away from the traditional marketing strategies and have started using the technology to their advantage. Instead of newspaper advertisements and banners, many companies now rely on email marketing and social networking to create awareness about their products. Like the Internet, cell phones have also invaded our lives extensively in the recent years. Most people consider it to be their main mode of communication. Youngsters often spend hours communicating with their friends via mobile calls and text messages.

Text marketing is a marketing campaign that uses text or SMS messages to create awareness about a product or a service. As a business owner, you can use this technology to deliver all types of messages including ads and coupons. The use of smart phone technology can allow you to use pictures and product links in your message as well.

Text marketing has several advantages. You can access a large number of consumers at the same time. You can reach them in real time. Recent surveys have also indicated that people are most likely to open a text message than an unknown email. You can also restrict the area within which the users will receive the text message. This can be helpful if you are planning area-wise marketing campaigns.

If you are a large corporation or if you have the resources, you can employ a networking professional who can accomplish the task for you. He or she will work with your marketing team to create a campaign and use software to deliver it to all the desired users. You may send the message to your subscribers. You may also send the text to all the residents within an area for a large-scale campaign. If you do not wish to hire a full-time employee, you can also outsource the job to a vendor.

The vendors will also work with your marketing team and create a campaign. They will deliver it to your target audience. Most vendors charge certain fee for every text message they send.  You will also find some companies that can hack into databases of cell phone providers, access all the information, and use that for your marketing campaign. While this may sound impressive, it can be associated with legal consequences. You should be careful before planning such a campaign.

Text marketing is a cost-effective as well. You will not spend a fortune on this campaign. However, you should consider some factors before venturing into it. It is important to determine your target audience. Make sure majority of them use cell phones and text messages. If you are looking to target young, tech-savvy men and women, you are in the right place. But, if your product caters to the needs of the elderly, a broad text marketing campaign may be ineffective. You should also come up with an effective message that can be accommodated into a text message. If you have a lot to say, you should choose other methods.

Remember that text marketing is a great tool but it is not for everyone. Do you research before taking the plunge.


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