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For a long time I have attempted to make a lot of money online by sitting at home and doing little tasks but nothing had ever worked. I would see success stories all over the internet but nothing worked for me. However one day when I was young and wanted to purchase an internet subscription to a game I stumbled across an article writing website. At first I thought this would just be another scam but I crossed my fingers and signed up anyway. Around 2 years later I have made around $1200 writing articles alone. Sure this wasn’t enough money to live off but it was great. And the best part is I only wrote around 100 articles in total. I was really lazy and made that much so imagine how much you could make if you set a goal for yourself and wrote regularly. Hopefully this guide will assist you in earning revenue from writing and best of all it doesn’t require you to have any writing skills or know anything about the topic you are writing about.

This process does take a little longer but works. Some eBooks claim to make you $200 a day…this is never going to happen. However by writing articles you can make $100 a day. How do I know? Because I have made this much. The guide in this eBook is about writing articles and publishing them on a website that pays you money to write. That’s basically it but I go into a lot of detail and explain my techniques. Don’t miss out!

What you can expect

  • To make the cost of this ebook back easy
  • To reach 100$ a month if you publish regularly
  • Techniques on Writing and Rewriting Articles
  • How to find the best topics to write for
  • How to research topics further
  • Best places to publish your article
  • A demonstration article
  • Picture Proof for 2 websites

eBook Stats

Aurthor: ArticleVoid.com
Pages: 27
Words: 5340 (1200 words belong to an example)
File Size: Around 921KB
File Format: Adobe PDF


  • Internet Connection
  • 15-30 Minutes a day – 1 hour and a half a week (time writing articles)
  • Patience (Method will take a little time)
  • Basic Writing Skills (Know how to read and write)



About the Author Gold Star Staff Member

Mohammad Permalink: http://www.articlevoid.com/?action=permalink&article=815
Website: https://mohammadg.com
About me: The webmaster of ArticleVoid. I own many other websites and I am fluent in X(HTML), PHP, Javascript, Java and C++. I spend a lot of my time online and currently own many websites. I love writing and created this website so users can share their knowledge in order to make the world just a little bit smarter!

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