Can you believe how advanced the internet has become? The technology that goes into the web of networked computers is amazing. Today we can appreciate the benefits of social networking, streaming video, online gaming, voice over internet phones and Smartphones. You are about to read how each one of these tools has improved internet technology.
Social networking Since the birth of MySpace and Facebook, there has been an addiction to stay connected to everyone any anyone. The combination of the words, “status update” probably did not have the same meaning as it does now. Almost everyone is in a social network of some kind. Some just play around with it and others use it as a life line. Streaming video With the advancements in internet technology we have mastered a way to play videos over the internet. This may sound like a small task, but the major setback was sending all the data that goes into a video or movie over the internet took up a lot of space. Sending this data over a slow internet connection would cause the video to appear to flicker and sound would be distorted as the computer tries to catch up with the internet speed. Now, with high speed internet streaming videos is preferred over regular cable television. With this technology, we can now enjoy the services of companies such as; Netflix, Hulu and even your local news channels. Online games Online games such as the ever so popular, World of Warcraft, would not have existed today without technology advancements of higher internet speeds and interactive programming that is based in a client – server environment. A client – server environment sounds complicated, but it comes down to, you, being one of many clients and the physical location of the World of Warcraft franchise being the server. Everything clients do, at some point in time, must be deciphered through the server. VoIP Voice over internet phones are especially popular through companies like Google (Google Voice). This technology is just like streaming video, only it is dedicated to voice only. You can use a specially designed phone to resemble and actual land line or just plug in your earphones and microphone and you can make calls just like normal. One benefit is that you now do not have to pay two outrageous bills; phone and internet, you can downsize to just internet if you want. Smartphone A Smartphone is a great invention and it keeps getting smarter. A Smartphone is a glorified cell phone. With this device, you can make calls as well as browse the internet. Another benefit of walking around with the internet in your hands is that you can always update your status on Facebook, but more seriously, a Smartphone means you can run your business or multitask while on the road. In conclusion, the advancements of internet technology have everyone running in the same direction. If you want to stay connected to everyone, go on a social network. If you want to watch a movie or make a call, go on the internet. If you are not at your computer, grab your Smartphone and go on the internet. Author’s Bio: Want to know more on the local internet providers? Go through more of Jason King’s articles which are rich in internet provider related information. He works for


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