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So you’re looking at buying a domain and are unsure which one of the thousands of registrars to use. Well, for both first time webmasters and longtime advanced users I recommend NameCheap (http://www.namecheap.com).

The one thing that (in my opinion) makes NameCheap such a great domain registrar is its simplicity. It is easy to navigate the website and registering a domain takes no longer than a few minutes. Another great benefit is that unlike most domain registrars NameCheap accepts PayPal as a method of payment. This is really convenient to use and provides an alternative option for users that do not like to use their credit card online. The price that NameCheap offers for domains are very cheap and coupons can be found online to reduce the price even further.

On the more technical side of things their DNS updates very fast which means that alternations to your websites structure will be updated very fast (usually within an hour). The websites customer service is also top notch and makes the whole domain registering process much less stressful. They also offer WhoIsGuard protection which is usually a premium service for free. This service protects your personal details which could otherwise be easily extracted from a website domain WHOIS search.

To date I have around 50 domains registered with NameCheap and register all my domains with them as it is so simple and easy. So next time you are registering a domain give NameCheap a go!

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