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Electric cigarette or the e-cigarette or e-cig as it is known, is a far better and safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Harmful Effects of Traditional Cigarettes

The harmful effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke are well documented. Tobacco, tar and harmful ingredients in tobacco smoke are responsible for cancers, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, blood circulation, impaired brain function, emphysema, premature ageing and a host of other problems. Smoking reduces your life span and is a social evil too. Non-smokers are just as vulnerable if they happen to inhale air polluted with cigarette fumes. It is a frightening scenario. Nicotine is addictive and people find it hard to abruptly give up smoking despite knowing the risks.

A Better Alternative: the E Cigarette

The E Cigarette is a recent invention. It does not use tobacco. Smokers who wish to give up smoking will find e-cigarettes a useful substitute. An electric cigarette has three basic components. There is a mouthpiece holding a cartridge and reservoir for the fluid, a battery and an atomizer. The battery heats a coil that vaporizes the fluid into a mist that e-smokers can inhale. You can choose from a whole range of these electric cigarettes with refillable cartridges and liquids available in various flavours. Some liquids have a glycol base while others are glycol free and pose no health risks. Some liquids may contain a percentage of nicotine to give that feeling of “satisfaction” you get when you smoke an actual cigarette.

The Benefits of E Cigarettes

  • In some public areas smoking is prohibited whereas e cigarettes are permitted, letting you satisfy your craving.

  • There is no need to worry about others in the room inhaling harmful tobacco smoke and exposing themselves to risks. In a way e-cigarettes are more “socially acceptable.” If you are a compulsive smoker and do not foresee a life without smoking, e-cigarettes are the perfect substitute to cigarettes.

  • It makes you happy in that you are acting in a more socially responsible way. Cigarette butts and packaging damage the environment; smoke pollutes the air whereas e cigarettes are free of these problematic issues.

  • E cigarettes cost less. Once you buy the e-cigarette, you only have to buy liquid to replenish the cartridges. Besides, you have wider choices in that you can choose liquids with various flavours and“tastes.” Refills are less expensive. Cigarettes are becoming more expensive as governments impose high rates of taxes to deter people.

  • Smoke and tar in conventional cigarettes can stain your teeth and result in bad breath whereas e cigarettes do not cause these issues.

  • E cigarettes help you change from being a smoker to becoming a non-smoker. A little bit of nicotine takes care of your craving while you reduce your dependence on this substance.

  • The most important benefit is without doubt the health benefit. Tobacco, nicotine, tar and a host of harmful chemicals no longer enter your lungs and bloodstream. You will feel yourself revitalized and the improvement will help you make a final decision to quit smoking.

Doctors may not recommend either types of smoking but all things considered, e cigarettes contribute to a healthier living as compared to traditional cigarettes.

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