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Fiber is your key to weight loss, most diet specialist recommend that you increase its servings when you try to lose weight. Fiber is Mostly present on Veggies, fruits and whole grains. Including any of each on your meals per day can really amp your weight loss potential. From these three its the whole grains that we rarely pay attention to, since we are under the impression that grains lack of taste and has a gritty texture, we often omit it on our diet.

But is it a smart move to lessen our intake of these nutritious fiber rich food? the answer is no. Whole grains can be a good source of healthy carbs and fiber without the excess calories and fats, it can be the best substitute for rice and potato that are often seen on our platter.

More so, these Grains can help us gain more energy for the day as it keeps us full and kill our hunger pangs. To help you further in completing your healthy platter here is the list of whole grains that can make you fit and healthier.


Barley is an excellent source of fiber and other essential minerals. This whole grain is famous because of the delicious beef barley soup. But Aside from the beef barley soup these delicious grain can also be added on any kind of soup, it’s in fact, versatile and can bean alternative for rice in risotto or eaten like oats. Barley is rich with fiber and it has the ability to make you feel easily full thereby killing your hunger pangs and prevents you to over eat.

More over, Barley contains Beta Glucan, it is a cholesterol fighting soluble fiber found on other food sources such as dry beans and oat bran. In addition, this grain also contains pectin that fights cholesterol thus, it makes you lose weight fast.

Oat Bran

The Oat Bran is not a grain but its a part of the oat seed, a grain that is often present on our breakfast table. This outer shell contains high amounts of fiber, Protein, Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep its healthier state.

Oat Bran is a common weight loss food that most dieters take to be able for them to shed a lot of pounds. The effectiveness of Oat Bran when it comes to weight loss is already tested and proven all through the years. The fiber found on the oat bran helps improve digestion, reduce cholesterol , Cleans the gut and makes your heart healthy. And since the roughage can’t be digested, it does not contribute to the calorie and fat build up in your system. More so, Oat Bran has a low glycemic index and you rarely feel hunger and that prevents the development of cravings.

According to the Journal of nutrition by Carolyn W. Miles of the U.S Department of Agriculture, absorbed fat and calories is decreased by 5 percent by having a moderately high fiber diet. Knowing all of these information, its crystal clear that including Oat bran in your diet can indeed help you achieve your weight loss success.

Steel Cut Oats

Made Popular by the Oprah Show, these steel cut oats or Irish Oats are the healthiest and least processed oats. Its jammed packed with soluble fiber that helps regulate your cholesterol and sugar levels. Including it on your platter is definitely a smart choice especially if you want to lose a lot of weight.

Steel oats are slow release foodies, it makes you easily full and prolongs your feeling of fullness. It also helps burn a lot of your calories and increase your energy and stamina, enabling you to perform extraneous activities and exercise routines. It a great addition on your diet, just make sure that you wake up early when you prepare Steel Oats for breakfast because it takes around half and hour before it gets fully cooked.

Here are the list of healthy grains that you can include on your diet if you want to lose weight fast. The health benefits of this weight loss inducing grains are so many that most diet specialist recommends that you make eating it a habit. Oats may have a bit of rough texture and bland tasting, adding fruits and honey can help improve the taste and texture making your oats a delectable dish.



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