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The arousals that are experienced during the activity possess certain correlation with the brain, functioning of the hormones, nerves as well as blood vessels. When certain adverse impact is created on such efficient organs & disrupts their proper functioning, it leads for the enhancement of the problems like erectile dysfunction & this is termed as impotency. Such issues have majorly affected the health of the males & have initiated innumerable problems. There are about a variety of causes that enhance such dreaded problems & the proper treatment is required so as to potentially skip such problems.

It is actually how the males find it difficult to sustain the harder erections of the penile region during love making sessions. This is some of the pivotal factors that negatively affect the glorifying relationship as it does not lead for the achievement of satisfaction during while reaching the climax. Let us have a glimpse on the factors that causes the problem of impotency of the males, they are listed as follows:

• Physical impact:

When people experience some of the underlying ailments, are ought to suffer from these issues.
1. Cardiovascular disease.
2. Diabetes.
3. High blood pressure, also termed as hypertension.
4. Obesity or excessive gain of the weight.
5. Parkinson’s disease.
6. Usage of tobacco.
7. Certain application of the medicinal devices.
8. Low quality of the testosterone.
9. Excess consumption of the alcohol & a variety of components that lead for the substance abuse.
10. Surgical treatments that have been made in the pelvic regions or spinal cord.
11. Multiple sclerosis.
12. Atherosclerosis, i.e. which even leads for the clogging of the efficient flow of the blood.

Apart from all these, there are certain psychological conditions that create an existence of the problems of impotency. It is said that the brain caters a fundamental role in the coordination of a variety of activities of different parts of the human body & this even includes the acquaintance of erection of the penile region. There are certain aspects which trigger the risk factors & create hardships for the achievement of arousals.

They are:
1. Experiencing stressful situations.
2. Circumstances that adversely impact the mental health.
3. Depression.
4. Isolation.

As in for now there is no more looking back to the days of hardship, as mankind can thereby heave a sigh of relief for curbing the presence of such disorders & achieve satisfaction during sessions of intimacy. The pharmaceutical market is loaded with potential solutions that form the key factor to treat such causes.


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