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We can achieve weight loss when we eat the right food at the right given time. It is the most effective and safe way to shed weight than by consuming magic diet plans or pills. We require energy to burn body fat, which is primarily got from carbohydrates, if the quantity of energy intake is less then the body tends to convert  muscle protein into energy to make brain, nervous system and cells to function properly.  This leads to muscle tissue loss.

Even though the weighing scale shows a decrease in weight, you would have by the time lost the tissue which helps in burning fat. This creates an inability to burn body fat. Therefore it is necessary to take the right amount of recommended carbohydrates, which provides the necessary energy and proteins, which provides the ability to build muscles and growth of bones etc.. Fiber, which helps in making up the stock and helps to avoid constipation, water is the most essential nutrient to the body as the blood needs it to maintain viscosity and regulate body temperature, vitamins and minerals for the bones, hair, teeth, skin and to fight against diseases to be included in the diet.

Success can be achieved in losing weight by making changes in the diet pattern. Such kind of weight loss stays on a permanent basis. By following the methods given below will result in succeeding your goal of losing weight:

Eating slowly will give a feeling of  full stomach. So foods need to be picked in such a way that they are chewed up while eating, such foods are raw vegetables, apples, French rolls etc. Chewing the food slows down the process of eating and helps in good digestion of the same. Salads fill the stomach and gives a sense of fullness to the meal.

Drinking adequate water subsides the urge to eat something and keeps one busy besides looking out for some snack or food. It is better to avoid juices as they have more sugar content, instead one can consume raw fruits. A light healthy snack in between meals helps in overeating during dinner and lunch. Popcorn, wheat bread, oyster crackers, fruits, yogurt, angel food cake, wafers, frozen yogurt and sherbet are all low in fat and are considered to be healthy.

Using the muscles to work can help in burning fat. It is advisable to climb the steps instead of using an elevator. Jams can be used on a toast instead of using butter. It is also advised to avoid junk food. The intake of food at right intervals gives room for digestion and helps less accumulation of fat and cholesterol. Starving only leaves one on an eating binge rather to subside hunger.


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  • Patricia Young
    Patricia Young (April 6, 2013 at 7:56 pm)

    I think that making a diet plan is a good idea and it can help us a lot. A diet plan makes you aware of the nutrition and calories content of foods. And to prepare a diet plan, you must read nutrition labels to budget your calories and this can help you in understanding that which foods have fewer calories.

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