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We all know that smoking is injurious to health – it leads to premature death!  Smoking causes harm not just to the smoker but also for others who inhale such smoke continuously. Smoking is considered to be one of the common ways of taking tobacco which leads to life threatening conditions and ultimately death. Smoking is not only harmful for the smoker but is dangerous for anyone who inhales the poisonous smoke. Here are some of the shocking dangers of smoking.


  • Fatal diseases:

90 % lung cancer patients are found to be active smokers.  Smoking leads to cancer in stomach, larynx, urinary bladder and pancreas. Smoke from cigarette has more than 43 carcinogenic substances with hundreds of toxins, usually found in rat poisons and nail polish removers. This tends to accumulate in the heart that leads to fatal heart disease.


  • Shortens lifespan:

Research suggests that smoking shortens the life of an individual. It takes away 15 years of the smokers life on an average. It has been found that 50% of long term smokers die prematurely due to one of the smoking associated diseases.


  • Eyesight problems:

Blood vessels present in the eyes are extremely sensitive and can get tremendously damaged by smoke.  Smokers feel itchiness and tend to have bloodshot red eyes as the problem spreads. Long term smokers have the risk of getting macular degeneration which leads to loss in the eyesight. Not only this, there is an increased chance of cataracts.


  • Dangerous for unborn kids:

If pregnant women smoke, it turns out to be really dangerous for the unborn baby.  Women who smoke or inhale the toxic smoke during pregnancy can suffer from nausea, miscarriages, reduced birth weight and even premature delivery. Such babies can have lifelong complications in the form of asthma and chest infections.


  • Affects your appearance:

Regular smokers develop pale and dull looking skin. Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing sooner – this happens due to the reduced levels of blood supply to the skin, caused by smoking. The vitamin level of the body is lowered which brings a tired look.


  • Bad for teeth:

Long term smokers have stained teeth and infectious gums. It increases the chance of developing periodontal diseases which can cause teeth to fall early and can also cause the embarrassing problem of bad breath.


It can never be late to quit smoking! Add more years to your life and lead a healthy life – quit smoking now!


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