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Weak sex organ is in fact a disorder wherein the afflicted man loses his capability to have penile hard- on. This disorder is technically known as erectile dysfunction which is also generally referred to as male impotency. This disorder is influential on the phallus of the sufferer. The man affected with erectile dysfunction usually has compromised sexual life. He may not be able to make his penis harder enough to have sex efficiently. The sufferer may not be able to insert his penis well in his partner’s sexual organ. Every stroke or sexual intercourse becomes drab due to weak penis. Therefore, eradicating this disorder is crucial.

Erectile dysfunction was earlier difficult to be treated. Though there were several treatments available to deal with this condition, not many were known to be efficacious. These traditional treatments often involved herbal methods and other alternate treatment techniques. Nevertheless, Zenegra is amongst the few latest medicines which are extremely helpful in eradicating male impotence. This medicine is devised based on the chemical synthesis of branded drug Viagra. Every ingredient integrated in this drug is exactly the same as in its branded counterpart. These ingredients are mixed in the same amount as present in the branded drug Viagra. This is why the effects of Zenegra are similar to the effects of Viagra. Nevertheless, Zenegra can be bought at much cheaper value than other branded medicines.

Zenegra can make your weak organ stronger. It does this by counteracting an unfavorable enzyme known as Phosphodiesterase 5. This enzyme is highly and indirectly influential on the blood flow to the penile area. The enzyme causes decrement in the count of another enzyme known as cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate or cGMP. This in turn truncates the supply of blood to the penis. Hence, by impeding the performance of PDE5 Zenegra can prevent the flow of blood from becoming affected. Penis gets engorged when it obtains increased amount of blood flow. This is what provides needed erection to the affected male individual.

Zenegra is considerably fast in imparting the required results to the male penis. The drug can impart the required strength in approximately 60 minutes from the moment you take the medication. You will be able to notice its effect for approximately 6 hours from administration. However, inappropriate use of the drug can lead to delayed results or even side-effects. To your knowledge, if you use alcohol or fat based foods after taking this medication or before using it, you may probably experience the results late or reaction may occur.

Zenegra must not be used in any mixture with nitrate. You should avert taking any nitrate based items before or after using Zenegra. It is recorded that Sildenafil citrate which is the main ingredient of Zenegra can be reactive with nitrate. You need check with your doctor before taking this medication in order to decrease chances of side-effects. Though the drug is generic drug which can be purchased over-the-counter, it is wise to seek doctor’s advice before using this drug. This is obviously highly preferred medication throughout the world. Zenegra can also eliminate impotence efficaciously with its 96% rate or success.


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