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However, sexual pleasure and satisfaction can be regained with high chances with help of Silagra. Silagra is a medicine designed with sildenafil citrate. Hence, those men suffering from erectile can rely on this medicine for eradicating impotence. This medicine will help them to regain their sexual vigor and ensure that they meet their satisfaction and satisfaction of their female partner. Erectile dysfunction keeps a man from performing sex satisfactorily as his penis remains flabby during intercourse and even if he attains some extent of erection he cannot maintain it till the female or he him self is satisfied.  

Silagra proves to be a highly effective treatment against affected penile erectile mechanism in men. This medicine works with extreme efficacy as it has success rate of around 96%. This effectiveness can be attributed to its action mechanism which is focused on improving penile blood circulation. This circulation in blood to the penis is hindered because of effect of Phosphodiesterase -5. Hence, Silagra is aid to be extremely suitable because it contains Sildenafil citrate this substance is known to be an effective substance that can prohibit actions of PDE-5. This will help in restoring circulation of blood to the penis and ensuring that the penis attains considerable erection.

Silagra is generic Viagra because it contains all the chemicals ingredients that are present in Viagra the branded drug. You should be able to buy the medicine easily as it is a generic version. This means that it is available easily as a non prescription medicine which you can buy over the counter. The medicine has similar effects when compared with other branded medicines. Nevertheless, the medicine is highly effective it is available for ED affected individual at much cheaper price.  Hence, it is considered as one of the best affordable treatments available for treating male impotence.

Silagra should be taken with precaution as improper administration of the medicine can lead to side effects. These side effects are not often recorded but in few cases. Head pain, stomach issues, digestion problem, dizziness, queasiness and vomiting are some common mild side effects of Silagra. Some severe health anomaly recorded in case of Silagra consumption may include breathing difficulties, heartbeat increment and erection persisting for more than 4 hours. Any health irregularity should be informed to your health care provider.

Suggested dosage of this medicinal drug is 100 mg for men who are not affected with any underlying health issue and are below age of 55 years. Men over 55 to 60 years should ask their doctor to determine whether the medicine is good for them and adjust the dosage accordingly to their health. Also men with any existing medical issues should seek doctor’s advice.  The medicine is impressive because it can provide required results within 60 minutes after consumption. Moreover effect persistency can allow you to have more than one session of intimacy in a span of 6 hours after consuming Silagra.


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