Staying focused is crucial when you have an important task to do. Procrastination can often cause you to fail in life as it stops you from achieving results. Procrastination can affect all people, young and old. So how do you stop it?

In order to stay focused you must first relax! Firstly, write down a list of all of the tasks that you need to do. Then prioritise from most important to least important. Next add the date or time that they should be done by next to each item. Then begin your first task, doesn’t matter how big it is, just start doing something.

As you do each task, tick off the task from your list. I also recommended rewarding yourself after each task. Perhaps give yourself a small snack, 10 minutes of internet time or whatever. You will find that this will motivate you to do all of your remaining tasks. It works, trust me. For bigger task you could always minimise the amount of work per day or split up the task into smaller components.

Why does this work?

It’s simple. As humans, we prefer short-term benefits over long-term benefits. If I said I would give you a brand new car today for free or 3 brand new cars in 10 years. You would take the car now because you get it sooner, even though the cars I would give you in the future would be of greater value. It is the same concept when it comes to doing work/tasks/homework. You want to succeed and to succeed you must do the task but you would rather go watch some television or browse the internet for a while. These distractions limit your productivity. But with the above tip you can maximise your efficiency and productivity.

There are countless other tips that work just as well as this one. The trick is finding the right one for you. I know I’ll be sticking to this method as I get the most done!


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