This is one of the superior online empire games available. As a player, your responsibility is to micromanage various towns and cities. You also need to be a very good planner. You should focus on building other cities worldwide. Just like you, the opponents are in forefront building their own cities and go as far as taking your own territory. Your foes have ever expanding army. Your main responsibility as a player is to protect the territory being claimed. During your claim, you need to employ diplomacy. Warfare also forms part of the game. Exploitation as well as trading activities also forms part of Castle Empire.

Castle Empire is very enjoyable to play. It comes with a number of features. As a player, you can establish your own territory. This means you will have absolute powers to control the entire Empire. In your territory, you can decide to conduct trading activities or even fishing. You can also be lumber collector or a miner depending on your selection. You can also carry out examination of the workers for efficiency. In the game, you can pay your workers and build for them their houses. After conquering many territories, you can live and explore the regions. Generally, when playing Castle Empire, your main objectives is to conquire and then expands the territory.

You can choose generals including scouts to help you when expanding the territory. It involves building of bandit camps and taking control of other towns. During exploration, you can as well come about rare resources. Such resources can be of great importance. This earns you more credit and therefore, your castle becomes bigger. Just as mentioned earlier, it is possible to conduct extensive trade system by developing many trade routes. This helps in increasing more resources. You can also be more powerful. With your characters, you can actually manage the resources for healthy growth of the castle. You can also produce goods which are demanded by using the resources. Your characters (settlers) will toil tirelessly for the castle to grow bigger. They will harvest more goods to increase productivity. Do not miss to play Castle Empire. It is full of fun.


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