So you want to create a game huh? Possibly exercise your skills and creativity in hope to possible develop the next big hit? Well there are a lot of pieces of software which you can use to learn how games work and what is involved in developing (and maintaining games).

Some Game Development Tools

Adventure Game Studios (or AGS)

This gaming studio allows you to simply create and point-and-click adventure game. You can fully customise the game interference and the studio has an easy to use editor to allow you to create your game. You can set up rooms, characters and a lot of unique things using AGS. It is the perfect starting spot for people wanting to learn the basics of what is in a game and how different things interact with others thinks in a game.


Game Maker

Game Maker is an absolute unique piece of software. It allows us to develop games without years of experience. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use the program and it produces you with a nice .exe file with other game files once you compile your game. As the software is constantly updated it allows you to develop much more advanced games as time goes on. I myself have used it for many years to make quite amazing games.


Using C++

Using C++, which is what I use, is the best method when it comes to creating great dynamic games. Yes it is complicated and will take a long time to master but once you get the hang of it you know how to create pure, professional and respectable games. You can also use it later to further develop your games. With C++ you can create an engine for advanced games and use software such as direct X in your project. Note that developing a state-of-the-art game will take decades individually but a simple game should not take long at all and will develop your programming skills at the same time.



In conclusion there are many, many tools that are available for game development. I recommend actually playing a range of different games before attempting to develop a game. Know what makes a game fun, what makes it bad. How developers use certain things to interact with the player and the game. The best thing about a game is its idea and its creativity. The next best thing is how well it has been coded.

I would recommend people to use game making software but then to buy a C++ book and learn to code using C++.

Feel free to share some game development programs/software below in the comment section.


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