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Daily yoga practice delivers many health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased flexibility, healthier bones, improved circulation, increased strength and improved muscle definition. In addition to these benefits, many experience weight loss, increases in energy and an improved sense of well being as well. But these are not the only benefits to yoga practice. Because of the improvements in blood flow and the release of toxins from the body, healthier, glowing skin emerges for those who regularly practice yoga.


Healthy Skin and Yoga Poses

Though the practice of yoga, overall, improves skin condition through improvements in circulation and blood flow through the body, some yoga poses are believed to be more beneficial than others for improving the skin’s appearance. Here are five poses which can be done by beginners and experts to implement into a daily yoga practice that are beneficial to improving the condition of the skin.


Mountain Pose

Keeping in mind that the midsection is the center for controlling posture and allowing for full, deep breathes, stand straight with the weight of the body distributed evenly on all parts of the feet. Arms are at the side and the head is facing forward. The back and neck are long, as if stretching toward the sky. Feet are slightly apart but not beyond the shoulders. The focus is on breathing deep into the stomach and exhaling slowly. Focus on these deep, slow inhales and exhales with each breath.


Standing Back Bend

From mountain pose, slowly raise arms up to the side and above the head until both arms are extended up toward the sky. turn the palms of the hands facing forward. Slowly bend back as far as possible until the face is looking up toward the sky. The arms are extended behind the head. Maintain the deep inhales and exhales and repeat three full breathes before returning to mountain pose.


Standing Forward Bend

From mountain pose, drop your upper body, with hands leading, to the ground. Place palms down on the ground by the feet. The body is folded from the hips. Breath in and out slowly with inhales and exhales of the same length. Repeat three to five breathes and then return slowly to mountain pose.


Chair Pose

From mountain pose, slowly lower the body by bending the knees and pushing the buttocks back, out and away from the body, as if preparing to sit in a chair. The arms are extended out and slightly upward on an angle. The weight is rested in the heels of the feet in this pose. Thighs are in a seated position. Hold the pose for three to five full, deep breathes. Slowly lift the body to return to mountain pose when complete.


Tree Pose

From mountain pose, reach the arms above the head and lift one leg so that the foot is rested on the side of the lower or middle thigh. Palms of the hands come together above the head, directed straight up to the sky. Maintain this position as breathes remain deep and long on inhale and exhale. Repeat three to five breathes, then, return to mountain pose. Repeat this with the opposite leg, then return to mountain pose once again.



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