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Have you ever thought about how healthy your new 90 day diet that guarantees you to lose more than 10 kg is? Most often the cause for concern when it comes to quick weight loss is that usually people put a lot of extraordinary efforts during the diet and exercise. These efforts are often really unhealthy and impossible to maintain for a long period of time. They inevitably lead to health problems, therefore, for most of the inexperienced people who have the strong desire to lose weight quickly it can be very harmful experience.

Losing weight by 0.5 – 1 pound per week is the typical medical recommendation. Although it looks like small amount for the standards of many weight loss diets, it is almost certain that it will help you maintain a lower body weight for a long time. Remember that 0.5 pound fat contains about 3500 calories. So, to lose about 0.5 pound per week, you will need to burn 500 calories more than your daily intake (500 calories x 7 = 3500).

Also, if you lose weight too quickly, it may not be at the expense of your body fat. People lose water weight and even lean muscle tissue in most cases of super fast weight loss, because the fat is harder to be burnt and the whole process is much slower.

In some situations, however, the quick weight loss can be safe if you know the right way to achieve that and to follow it during the whole weight loss regime. For example, many dieticians often prescribe diets with very low calorie content to provide rapid weight loss to their patients in cases when they are suffering from obesity. But remember that in such cases all diets are mainly implemented in medical institutions where people are under constant medical supervision.

In addition, some diets include the so-called “initial phase”. It’s designed to increase the weight loss process at its early stage. It can be very dangerous if you are not sure how your whole organism will accept such kind of treatment. Losing 3 to 5 pounds for 2-3 weeks can trigger many different health problems and unlock dangerous diseases. Therefore, you have to know very well the limits of your body and never to experiment too much.

Try to keep your weight loss in the recommended range of 0.5 to 1 pounds per week is you don’t want to suffer from numerous related to quick weight loss problems. All quick and extreme diets are not only unsafe, but most likely you’ll quickly gain your weight back after their completion. So, stick to the normal, realistic and effective healthy diets and your perfect figure can be maintained for a much longer period of time.


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