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To maintain your achieved body weight is harder than the diet itself? The yo-yo effect can ruin all your efforts, therefore you have to understand how to avoid the yo-yo effect after diet if you want to be rewarded for your deprivation and hard work in the gym. The properly chosen diet contributes for the faster or slower weight loss, but, there is no way it can ensure that the lost body weight won’t be gained again.

Therefore, you should follow certain proportions and to improve your menu gradually after the completion of any diet. You must stay focused otherwise you are going to suffer from overeating and to return to your previous figure, or even to gain more weigh then before.

Check below some tips that will help you to avoid the yo-yo effect after diet:

1.  Walk as much as you can. Don’t use car if you have to visit a place close to your home.;

2. Do not use elevator and always use the stair. It could be funny for your family and friends, but don’t pay attention to their jokes.

3. Practice your favorite sport 1-2 times per week. Visit the gym regularly after the diet and always use the created momentum.

4. Reduce the temperature in the bedroom with 1-2 degrees – this will help you burn more calories even when you sleep.

5. Determine your discharge day when you are going to eat only fruits (fresh or dried) and nuts. If you do not like fruits too much, then combine them with fresh vegetables.

6. Eat slowly and don’t watch TV or read while eating. Learn to enjoy your meals and you’ll discover the real taste of every food.

7. Drink green tea without sugar. You can prepare it for just several minutes, so don’t be lazy or ignorant to its powers. Combine it at least 2 liters of water and you’ll detoxify your organism pretty good.

8. Try to consume only natural and fresh products rather than canned and frozen ones.

9. The fish, meat and vegetables that you are going to have should be steamed or baked.

10. Don’t eat after 6-8 PM. Your organism and digesting system need a deserved rest to recover well.

11. Minimize the consumption of alcohol. It increases the appetite. You can drink dry wines, but up to 1-2 cups a day.

12. Avoid all fried food, essential rule especially after hard diet.

13. Eat something before entering the grocery store. Keep the temptation away and you’ll be rewarded with perfect figure.

Follow these 13 tips and you’ll know exactly how to avoid the yo-yo effect after diet. Keep your mind motivated and be active. Otherwise, the yo-yo effect will strike again and this time you’ll be the victim.


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