Abdominal muscles are some of the hardest muscles to exercise. This is, in part, due to their central location and, in part, due to the necessity of precise exercise movements to target muscles effectively. Many avoid working out their abdominals for these reasons; however, choosing not to work out abdominals creates several problems—from poor posture to potential severe back problems down the road. The use of a pulse belt assists in creating a firmer and stronger core without the risk of injury.

Pulse belts use electronic muscle stimulation (or “EMS”) to assist abdominal muscles in proper contraction, such that, the abdominal muscles receive an effective full workout without performing one crunch. The pulse belt can be worn virtually any time and while doing any other activity. The pulse belt allows for regular life while working out at the same time. Imagine getting a full workout during the morning commute. Today’s society is about efficiency. If efficiency isn’t sought, it’s left behind and so too is all that’s missed, including a fit mid-section.

Abdominal muscles assist the body in virtually every maneuver, such as walking, lifting, standing and nearly everything the body does. When people suffer from core weakness, the rest of the body suffers and incurs numerous problems as a result.

A pulse belt works by contracting muscles. Abdominal muscles will see benefit regardless of the method they are used in, provided they are stimulated correctly. The problem with trying to perform crunches and other methods of abdominal exercise is that everything needs to be precisely executed for it to be effective. This is why some can perform thousands of crunches and not see any results while others spend 10 minutes on their abdominals and can be ripped. The pulse belt takes the worry, frustration and strife out of performing the perfect crunch because it delivers results every contraction.

The pulse belt will make you lose abdominal fat. One pound of muscle typically burns about 50 calories even while at rest. Through muscle stimulation, increased muscle means greater calorie elimination and thus, fat elimination. The pulse belt also helps those who are predisposed with back problems or other conditions that make doing crunches and other abdominal exercises nearly impossible. Not only does a pulse belt assist to lose abdominal fat, but muscles are learner and tighter creating an even smaller mid-section.

The pulse belt provides precision in abdominal work. A beginner in exercising needn’t worry about the correct method of crunches to do because the pulse belt targets the muscles it makes contact with each and every time with precision. It’s a phenomenal tool that’s aimed at delivering results by efficiently targeting core muscles with each contraction. To put it simply: it works.


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