From toddlers to oldies, fruits have always been tempting for all of us. But it depends on person to person that what do they like the most. There are over hundred of fruits known in nature which provide nutrition and have so many health benefits which help to fight against various diseases. Kiwi is one exotic fruit known which got its origin from China and is that fruit which contains a good amount of Vitamin C and you will be happy to know that just by a uptake of single kiwi everyday will result in so many health benefits which can adds stars to your health and beauty.
Kiwi fruit is that exotic fruit which bears so many health benefits and the major advantages of kiwi includes richness of fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and K.  Kiwi is known worldwide because of its fiber content. Have you ever gave a thought to your imagination that how important kiwi could be for your health? Not really, a single cup of kiwi can bring approximately 5.4 g of fiber which is good enough for digestion and also results in the weight control There are other advantages also known of having kiwi being rich in fiber is that it is known the improvement of bowel functioning. Along with that Kiwi is known for the improvement blood sugar level for the diabetic patients because it can lowers down the cholesterol level.
Other advantages of kiwi include its richness in potassium and Vitamin C. You must have heard that bananas are the richest source as far as potassium is concerned but is that really true? Not really, because the researchers came up with varying results which proved that kiwi contains more amount of potassium i.e. 562mg in one cup whereas bananas contains lesser than that and i.e. 517mg in a cup. So, from now onwards switch to kiwi when you require more amount of potassium because it can produce better results. And always keep one thing in mind that lesser uptake of potassium will leads to weakness and strokes along with that when you know the solution then what’s the need to call the problems?
Being a great source of Vitamin C it does plays a vital role in synthesizing a good amount of collagen in your body along with that it also provides proper growth and development. There is a probability that might shock you that an adult human body requires just the 75 to 100mg of Vitamin C on daily basis whereas kiwi is that fruit which provides you with even more than that and i.e. 167mg. And, being a powerful antioxidant it does have the capability to protect your cells from the radical damage which can further leads to the various cancer types along with that it also helps formation and repair of various cell types right from skin to blood. As we know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away similarly a kiwi a day helps you to bring the right amount of fiber, potassium and Vitamin C.


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