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We might have heard the correlation between the numerous benefits of vigorous physical activities and sleep almost infinite times. But, how often does an individual really act upon maintaining both these facets? Not many. Although a majority of people tend to believe that exercise and sleep have a more complicated relationship, the truth nonetheless stands at variance.
Generally, the taxing lifestyle and hectic schedules interrupt with people’s exercise regimen, providing them with a justification that exercising gets difficult when they are too tired. However, certain studies suggest that disturbed sleep patterns can tremendously affect an individual’s ability to actively participate in work out sessions. Though exercising is extremely healthy and can thwart off various health problems, we somehow neglect the exigency to change detrimental lifestyle habits.

In fact, to support the correlation, researches have been discovering new benefits almost every day. There is absolute no vagueness pertaining to the advantages that stem from working out on a consistent basis. It has been observed that regular exercise builds bone and muscle, enhances blood pressure and heart health, and prevents stress and muscle tension. It can even improve an individual’s temperament and overall well being.

At the same time, ‘sound sleep’ is another significant benefit that is induced by exercising frequently. It may surprise many but exercise can also help one sleep sounder and longer. However, the key is discovered in the type of exercise a person chooses and the time they participate during the day.

Although, it may be noted that working out heavily just before the bedtime or within about three hours of sleeping can rather make it operose to fall asleep. This might debunk the widely interspersed myth that exercising vigorously before bed helps you feel more tired and have a sound sleep. On the contrary, it can stimulate muscles, heart and brain – and even increase an individual’s body temperature right before bed.

Thus, it becomes necessary to ensure the right time and duration for exercising to sleep better and longer. According to certain studies, vigorous exercise in early evening or late afternoon appears most beneficial. That’s because it considerably elevates the body temperature to above normal exactly a few hours before dozing off – thereby enabling it to start collapsing just as the person is ready to sleep. This decrease in body temperature emerges to be a prominent trigger that helps one fall asleep with utmost ease.
Rather, it is advisable to engage in about twenty or thirty minutes of aerobic exercise as it assists in keeping the body temperature at a higher level for nearly 4 to 5 hours. An individual can thus optimize exercise’s beneficial effects on sleep by introducing a cardiovascular workout in their lifestyle. Since cardiovascular regimen keeps the heart rate up and muscles pumped up for at least 20 minutes, the sleep enhancing benefits just step higher.

However, it is advisable to discuss with the doctor about the exercising plans – if an individual ever had a serious medical conditions, never exercised, or is overweight. Ensure to start exercising slowly, eventually increasing the exercise time and intensity for maximum benefits.

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