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Penny stocks are often regrettably overlooked by investors who prefer the larger market capitalization of of companies traditionally listed in financial exchanges like the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. There are many awesome penny stocks that present great opportunities for profit, but investors tend to ignore them mostly because they do not get the same amount of media attention as the shares of S&P 500 companies.

Not all penny stocks are restricted to the Pink Sheets or the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bulletin Board. When shares of a company fall below the $5 price level, trading volume often follows; these typical characteristics of penny stocks apply even to shares of major companies like Fannie Mae (OTC:FNMA), a U.S. government-sponsored entity that has been investing in residential mortgages since 1938.

It may be astonishing to think of Fannie Mae as a penny stock since the company was a darling of Wall Street until 2008. One look at Fannie Mae’s performance on the first day of trading in the New Year makes it one of the most awesome penny stocks for 2013. Without any major news surrounding Fannie Mae, shares rose by 30 percent on January 2nd, with a trading volume of about 120,000 shares. With a price just under $0.03 and a bevy of positive expectation, Fannie Mae is a hot penny stock to follow.

Other Awesome Penny Stocks for 2013

Hangover Joe’s (OTC:HJOE) is a manufacturer of a product that is specially formulated to mitigate the nasty aftereffects of having one too many drinks. Hangover Joe’s is not only an effective remedy but also a marketing powerhouse. It has tied in to the popular Hangover movie franchise, which is scheduled to become a trilogy in 2013. Penny stocks analysts are basing their bullish outlook on the company’s strong sales in 2012.

When a company sees more than a million OTC trades executed in one day, its shares immediately join the list of awesome penny stocks to keep an eye on. Such is the case of Advanced Cell Technology (OTC:ACTC), a company that saw heavy trading volume on January 2nd with nearly 1.5 million shares changing hands. Part of the company’s success is in its effective public relations campaign, which features popular television personality Dr. Oz. Advanced Cell Technology is dedicated to developing therapeutic stem cell therapies.

World Moto (OTC:FARE) is an exciting global company that provides a service that is widely used in developing economies and large metropolitan areas. Bicycle and motorcycle couriers are important aspects of commerce in several parts of the world. They deliver packages, make payments and serve as personal assistants. By World Moto’s estimates, the worldwide motorcycle courier sector produces $500 billion a year. The company, which already markets a meter for two-wheeled vehicles used by couriers, recently announced the launch of a new logistics and communications service.


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