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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions we receive  If you have a question that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is ArticleVoid?

ArticleVoid is a unique content article directory. We submit articles that authors write and help promote their work and themselves as writers. We are one of the few Article Directories that constantly monitor content and only accept the highest quality articles.


Why the name ‘ArticleVoid’?

This one confuses many people!

Void means empty space and when ArticleVoid was created, it was an empty space with no Articles. However, the name reflects our goal of filling the Void with good high-quality articles. Hence, the name.


Why is ArticleVoid in BETA?

ArticleVoid is home to not only very interesting people but very interesting developers. We have many features that we are releasing soon. We would like to allow authors to generate revenue with their articles among other things. However, once the earnings system is completed and implemented, ArticleVoid will no longer be in the beta phase.


How do I signup (register)?

To signup, simply click the register button at the top of this page or alternatively click this url:



How do I submit an Article?

Login into your account and click on the submit an article button from the account section or from your author toolbox.

Alternatively, click here: http://www.articlevoid.com/?action=submit_article


Can I post links in Articles?

You are free to post links in articles but they must follow our TOS and be in compliance with our Editorial Guidelines. No self-promotion or irrelevant links are allowed. Use your author resource box instead to promote your work.


How many Articles can I submit?

New users may only submit 1 article at a time and may only have 1 draft at a time. Once an article is approved, new users are free to post more articles and drafts per day. Different user ranks have different limitations.


I submitted my article, how long until you approve it?

ArticleVoid is proud to be able to approve articles very quickly. Often, articles are approved by our staff members within a few hours of publication. However, we may take up to one day to process an article if there are many submission at any given time.


My Article got rejected! Why?

Articles are rejected when they do not comply with our TOS and our Editorial Guidelines. The most common reason for rejection is that an article is not 100% unique. Other reasons include self-promotion and forbidden topics (such as Gambling and Adult Content). If you have any concerns, feel free to contact support here.

How do I get featured in a category or on the homepage?

You can promote your article in any given category by publishing it as a featured article. Featured articles in categories require a fixed fee per 30 days. This results in more exposure for your article. Please note that this does not mean your article will be featured on the homepage.

Featured articles on the homepage however are hand-picked by the editorial team. If you write good and informative content, then your article might just be featured! Sponsored posts can also be featured on the homepage. Find more here.


Is ArticleVoid available in other languages?

At this current time, we have no intention of adding more languages to ArticleVoid. However, feel free to make suggestions as they will be noted in the future.


If you have any more questions, be sure to contact us here.