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History is a very prominent for us to lead our lives. We can learn a lot from the people who would live in the olden ages. They were known to be very intelligent. They invented many equipments and devices to help soldiers protect themselves in warfare. One such device was the headgear or the helmets. The Vikings were a group of fierce warriors. The Vikings waged several wars with their neighboring regions. The clan devised one of most prominent war weapons called the Viking Helmets. The helmet was to protect the warrior’s skull from heavy blows made by the opponent clans solider.

The masons were in charge of making headgears. The masons would gather the best quality iron and make such head gears. They would hammer the iron into a big bowl which would fit the soldiers head and make a prominent nose guard as well. Such head gears mass were produced for warriors. The Viking Helmets were thick in nature and were also very heavy to wear. The helmets were designed to withstand all kinds of attacks from heavy iron swords. The helmets were suspended with iron ring meshes to help the warrior protect his face from sword marks. The helmets were usually worn with wigs.  The Viking Helmets were a symbol of pride. They were passed on in the family from generations to generations. It was the most important possession of every Viking’s son. They also have the kingdom’s logo embodied on the helmet to make sure that the helmet could be recognized even though the owner was deceased. The inside of the helmet however is filled with soft cloth or cushions or leather to help the head resist the weight and add some comfort to the user. The helmets were also used as weapons to throw at the opponents to create damage to the opponent’s swords or harm the body parts. The ceremonies of the Vikings had to be usually attended by the soldiers wearing their traditional uniforms and their helmets.

Modern day Viking clan still exists. Many plays are enacted to depict the wars of the Vikings. The artists use the same costumes, helmets, swords as used in olden times. Many stores still make and sell the absolute perfect replica of a Vikings Helmet. They do have the old age charm to it. The materials used to make them are still the same i.e. steel and iron rings. The helmets sold these days are of various varieties and types. Some of them are the valsgarde helmet, embossed helmet, the horn helmet, chain mail Viking helmet, copper gate helmet, nasal helmet furless helmet, etc. The websites have a detailed description of the each type of helmet and the price of them as well.

Many historians argue till date that the Viking Helmets were molded with horns on either side of the helmets .The fact remains that the Viking clan never sported any kind of horns. Their horns were just a myth .The myth was spread only to create a readers fancy and shop owners buying strategy towards the Viking helmets.


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