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Rome is a strong foundation of rooted history. It echoes freedom, independence, voice of truth, great literatures and architects .The great Roman Empire ruled for well over seven hundred years .The Romanians were imbibed with a value system. There were many noted and important personalities who carved their niche in Rome. Augustus, Michelangelo, Julius Caesar were some of them. The Vatican City is the most prominent building in Rome.

Rome is best known for its opulent buildings, paintings and wars. Roman emperors have fought one of the most brutal wars of all times. They wore long robes, both men and women carried small but sharp swords. The swords were usually tied to the waist and were visible to all. The Roman swords were termed as “spatha”. Self Defense was the major use of the sword. The Roman army who marched on foot possessed such swords. The material used to make such swords was steel. The sword usually was kept in a case. The Roman soldiers used the swords to attach the stomach area of the opponent. The soldiers who used the Spatha were termed as Gladiators. The different types of Roman swords are Gladius Hispaniensis, Mainz, Fulham, and Pompeii. The style and mark of each sword differ from another .They vary is size and length. Many swords have brass handles while some have wooden.

Are you planning to own one of the exquisite swords? Are you a collector? Do you want to be one? Read on to gain an insight on the Do’s and Don’ts about these Roman Swords. The first and the foremost fact is that these swords are collector’s items, which means that they are pretty expensive and hard to find. The more you shell out from your pocket the older and genuine sword you can get hold of. Many swords are studded with precious gems make it more opulent and grand .The Roman Swords are popularly found with old pawn brokers or in flea markets all over the world. A host of websites provides many courses and mock trials using such swords; enthusiasts who want to have a first handle a taste of using such Roman Swords can enroll into such trails or courses. The basics of judging an original sword from a fake one are that they must be made of Carbon Steel. They must be sturdy and must be heat treated. When a sword is swung the metal must not have a ripple effect, it must be stiff. There is a swords community to which an avid collector can enroll himself into. There are registered companies in this community through which a collector can buy a Roman Sword. Their originality can be tested only by a collector or any individual who has in-depth knowledge about these swords. The swords once collected require timely maintained. They need to be mended, repaired, polished, and sharpened in course of time. A sword possession license is must for any collector. Illegal markets have fake swords and portray the swords as originals. The buyer has to be aware in buying and investing in these Roman Swords.


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