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The axe is one of man’s oldest implements. These are being used from ancient times. These battle axes were made up of stones, bronze, stainless steel, wood and irons. These have either single or double headed sharp blades and the other side were made up of wood or stainless steel which makes the person to handle easily. They used to melt iron ores and prepare sharp weapons. They used heavy hammers which was made up of stones and was nicely crafted. And as the time pass on they started making solid iron hammers. These battle axes were mostly used for chopping and crushing. They use these axes both for cutting limbs of trees and men in one stroke. These were designed for combat. In prehistory these weapons were used by armies, Egyptians, Europeans, Romans. During Middle Ages many wars used to take place and the warriors use the swords, single and double headed battle axes for fighting. To protect themselves from attack they used to use shield made up of wood and iron. During the wars the warriors cover their body with iron made shields which help them to protect from sharp weapons. They usually cover their head, hand and chest. Iron made helmets were used during wars. They carry these battle axes of different types at their back. These amours even kill many animals like horse and elephants during war. A big huge army carries the battle axes from both sides and attacks each other. The swords were made single as well as double edged which cut in one hit.
Medieval Battle Axes was very fearsome weapons. One weapon used to be made of combination of different tactics. These have sharp blades at head part and hammers. The weapon used during the ancient times was much lighter compared with the modern splitting axes. This facilitates deep, grievous wounds. Some axes even have socket head. As the time started moving year by year the development of crafting the axes increased. The penetration of all these weapons was not always fatal. These battle axes were bigger compared to the normal axes. Throwing axes was also used by the warriors. Even today the tribal’s of many places use this throwing axes to catch their prey during hunting. In museums now also some battle axes are being kept which was used by the Egyptians in wars. The skill to use Medieval Battle Axes and understanding the strategy of medieval warfare was necessary and played vital part in medieval life. The warriors were given training to use weapons by hitting the target. The single headed axes were more used during wars as it was light to handle. It could be hurled as missile. One struck with force could give significant injuries. These weapon need to be sharpen every time. These battle axes were being sharpen on stones. Small knives like axes were also used for close wars and they always used to keep hidden in their waist or leg with themselves for protection.


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