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The importance of teaching languages at primary level should not be underestimated. What you teach primary children will provide their foundation for continued learning at the secondary level. The official government guidelines state that all children from the age of nine should learn a foreign language.


What are the advantages of primary teaching jobs in modern language?


Teaching languages to young children is much more than just ensuring they learn the correct grammar and pronunciation, it also involves opening up a whole new culture to them. This gives you the ability to create projects that cross over different subjects. This allows you to really get the children absorbed in the lesson, approaching it from different angles to increase their learning and knowledge.


The more creative you can be the better. There are countless studies showing that the younger a child is exposed to new languages the easier it is for them to learn. This means that your role could be the most important in their language lessons.


Challenges you may face and tips to overcome them


Your biggest weapon when teaching new languages to primary school students is patience. Children in this age range are more likely to forget the previous day’s lesson – don’t allow yourself to become frustrated, persevere. Developing the ability to view the subject from the students’ point of view will allow you to gain a better understanding of the challenges the pupils face.


Keeping it as basic as possible will also help your students to absorb it. Sticking to a relevant equivalent of subjects they have recently been covering means at least part of the subject is fresh in their minds. Using plenty of images and props as visual aids will help to keep the students interested. Stick to single words and only move on to phrases after your pupil has a good grasp of the required words.


Turning as much of it as possible into word games, poems or stories will all help to make it stick in the children’s memory.


Searching for teaching assistant jobs in London or primary school teacher jobs could be your first step towards one of the most fulfilling career choices you will ever make.



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