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Medical profession has gained popularity amongst the students who have interest in medical science and wish to earn stable income. Most of them join the healthcare industry at a position of certified nursing aides. Job responsibilities of certified nursing aides include taking care of the daily routine of patient, supervising their meal times and medicinal dosage, and ensuring cleanliness around the patients. While performing their duties, they must follow some rules and regulations as prescribed by the nursing authorities and their workplaces. If you are thinking about pursuing CNA as your profession, then ensure that you know the code of ethics for the nursing aides. You may refer to following points to have a general idea about such regulations:

  • Patient care of best quality: As a professional CNA, you are bound to give best performance at your work. You have to use your abilities and skills in a perfect manner in order to provide the patients excellent health-care services. You may take help from the seniors for improving your skills. You can also acquire additional skills to help the patient recover quickly.
  • Privacy of the patients: While performing your duties, you need to take care of the individual privacy and self-respect of the patients. You have to draw the curtains, cover the patients with sheets while carrying out tasks like cleaning their wounds and changing clothes. You need to keep the private belongings of the residents out of sight from the visitors and other patients.
  • Equal treatment to all residents: A certified nursing aide should not discriminate among the residents on the basis of caste, creed, religion and so on. All patients should be treated equally when it comes to the health-care services and medicinal treatment.
  • Confidential information: If you have information about any medical symptoms of the patient, then you must preserve these details as the confidential information. You must not discuss these medical details with other medical staff or with your acquaintances. If you share such information, then you may be charged on the basis of legal offense.
  • Safety and security of clients: It is necessary to use the patient care techniques with enough precautions and according to the given instructions. For example, if you ignore the instructions while moving the patients, then it can be dangerous to their life. Therefore, safety and security of the residents are on utmost priority in nursing profession.
  • Disciplinary rules of the institute: Apart from the general work ethics, you need to know the specific rules and regulations provided by your institute. You must report your seniors and maintain your records according to the norms of the organization where you work. 



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About me: Amira Shaw is CNA Tutor and a Registered Nurse. She has worked as a CNA for 4 years. Being in this field for so many years has enabled her to understand the do\'s and don\'ts for the nurses and their aides as well. She advises her pupils who frequently ask queries about career as a CNA to first understand the code of ethics for this profession.
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