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Your dorm room is your first home away from home.  It is your first breath of independence.  Your first place to call your own.  The place where you can live by your own rules (mostly) and have complete freedom.  You’re not depending on your parents anymore.  How are you going to represent your new life?  There are so many awesome ways to decorate your dorm room.  Here are eight different ways to decorate your dorm room and show off your newfound freedom, but also get the necessary things that a college student needs!  And make all of your friends jealous!



Pinterest offers so many great, crafty, and budget-friendly ways to decorate your room yourself.  Whether it is a do-it-yourself chalkboard or fun and crafty mini fridge, you will find all the inspiration that you will need.


Buy It

It is inevitable that you’ll have to buy a few things for your new dorm.  Stores like Urban Outfitters and Fred Flare sell quirky items perfect for dorms.  A lamp shaped like an ice cream cone?  Check.  Mini robot vacuum cleaner?  Of course.  Toy soldier bookends?  You bet.  Anything you want, you can probably find at one of those stores.


Budget It

If your budget does not allow for expensive decor, Target and Walmart also have a lot of fun and cheap must-haves for your dorm room, so you can get more for your money.  Bedding, mini fridges, microwaves, pillows, you name it.  Whatever you need, they have it.


Decal It

Decals are a simple and easy way to spice up any dorm room, and there’s such a variety!  There’s the understated decals, that add that special touch, and there’s the big, theatrical ones that make the room.  You can have anything from your initials over your bed, to a mural.  Don’t worry, though.  Decals are removable!


Sophisticated Posters

I’m not talking about those posters that you hung up on your wall with thumbtacks and tape.  This is extremely easy and quick to do, but makes your posters look more, well, college-ready.  Just get your poster, put in a simple (and cheap!) black frame, and voila!


Bright Bedding

For many dorms, the bed is the focal point of the room.  It’s where you and your friends will watch movies and gossip, where you’ll be up all night studying, and of course, where you’ll sleep.  Since it’s so important, a fun bedding is a must.  Fun designs and bright colors will bring out the best of your dorm room.


Radical Rugs

The boring floor can really bring a dorm room down, but the perfect rug can lift it up.  Bright, fun shag rugs or rugs with cool designs can give your room the look it needs.


Crazy Curtains

Every dorm room has windows, and curtains are both practical and decorative.  They’re a must-have!  The right curtains can bring your room into the mood you’d like.  Also, you’ll be thankful on those mornings when you just want to sleep in until 11 o’clock without the sun peeping in screaming, “wake up!”


Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you enough to go out and get to decorating your new place!


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