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Editorial Guidelines

Before an article is published, it is checked thoroughly to ensure that it is compliant with our editorial guidelines. These guidelines are designed to encourage high quality article submissions. They indicate the type of content that is accepted on our website. Please read and digest the information here prior to submitting an article.


General Guidelines


Usernames and Profile Pages

Usernames and other meta information (including profile links, websites and biographies) must not be of an insulting nature or otherwise conflict with our terms of service. No gambling/adult related tags are allowed. Some meta information appears on article pages. Usernames can be changed through support.


Guest Submissions

Guest submissions are to comply with all the guidelines applicable to normal members. Guest submissions must identify their website link so that it can be displayed in the article page’s resource box.


Premium Members

Premium members are to comply with all of the guidelines listed here. However, certain exceptions apply to premium members such as the ability to post more links. More on ranks.



Article Submission Guidelines



Titles must be related to the content of an article. Unnecessarily long titles are not allowed. Keyword optimisation techniques in the title are strictly prohibited. However, we do encourage users to think of informative, creative and user friendly titles.



Authors must do their best to select the most appropriate category for their submission. ArticleVoid may, at any time without notifying authors, amend the category of an article that is pending or change it after it has been published.



The excerpt of  a post must not be misleading and must be directly related to the article. Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited. Typically, the first few sentences from an articles body or introduction make a good excerpt.



All of the following criteria must be met before an article is published.

  1. Article must be written in English. At this time, we do not accept submissions in other languages.
  2. You must have written your particular article and or have permission from the writer or legal owner to publish it.
  3. Article must be 100% unique and no part of it must be copied from any other resource available online at the time of submission. Quotes, short excerpts and a few other things make up some exceptions.
  4. Content must not be rewritten or ‘spun’ by software or by other means.
  5. All articles must be ‘informational’ articles. Articles are not to be written in a promotional manner. It must not advertise a product/company/website and must not be bias.
  6. Article must be a complete article and must generally have an introduction, body and conclusion. Teasers are not allowed.
  7. There must be no profanity or otherwise aggressive language within the article.
  8. Article should be structures well, using subheadings and paragraphs to break text apart.
  9. Article should make sense when read. Grammar and punctuation should be at a reasonably high level.
  10. Article must comply with our terms of service.



All links in the body of an article are marked as nofollow to eliminate spam but more importantly encourage a higher quality of writing. Premium members are exempt from this rule. Authors will be able to promote their website through the use of the author resource box.

Links within the body of an article must:

  1. Be related to the article.
  2. Not be attached to keywords. Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited.
  3. Must not lead to adult, illegal or gambling websites.
  4. Not be targeting at links which redirect to other websites. URL shorterners and similar services are not allowed, please link directly.



Keywords must be related to the article. No unnecessarily long keywords are allowed. Keyword stuffing is not allowed. Do not use misleading/identical/similar keywords.

Article Checklist

Make sure that…

  • Your article is 100% unique.
  • The article is written by you or you have exclusive copyright or licence to publish it.
  • You have checked your spelling and grammar.
  • Your content does not have multiple links promoting any website.
  • Your article is neatly organised into sections and makes sense when read.
  • You agree to the Terms of Service (TOS).

By following all of these guidelines, your article will have the best chance of getting published. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.