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There are those that have tried many, many file compression tools and have said that one is better than the other but what makes a particular tool better than its competition?

Is it ‘faster’, ‘better looking’, ‘have a better compression rate’ or maybe even its just because it is free. You need to know this when deciding which file compression tool is best for you. You will notice the difference in programs when it comes to zipping and unzipping zip archives. It is also important to know whether you want to use freeware (free) or shareware (paid).

In this article I’ll try to review certain file compression tools I have used and allow you to decide which is the best for you.


Winzip Logo

WEBSITE : http://www.winzip.com


Winzip is and has been my favourite file compression tool for many years now. It has over 200 million downloads. I like its simplicity and ease of use as well as its compatibility with many file types and its compression rate. I would classify it as the ‘best’ file compression tool available but it is a paid application which may be a put-off for some users. The new Zip-X file type allows you to get a better compression on files however it can only be unzipped by Winzip and not other file compression tools. I recommend trying Winzip yourself if you simply want a compression tool that just ‘works’.


Winrar Logo

WEBSITE : http://www.rarlab.com


WinRAR is a very nice file compression tool that lacks in interface but performs quite well in terms of file compression and speed of compression. It is however a paid application and may not be a solution to all. It is very lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use and can unpack most common file types and some uncommon file types too. It is well known for its amazing speed and powerful advanced features. This program is a must for anyone who in particular is looking for simplicity and speed at the expense of eye candy (aka a nice interface.)


7zip logo

WEBSITE : http://www.7-zip.org/


7-Zip is a opensource software that offers premium file compression at no cost. The fact that is free, regularly updated and compatible with a majority of all file types makes it one of the higher end compression tools. It has a nice, neat interface with a powerful engine. It does what it’s meant to do without any additional issues. It is definably worth trying for any computer user.


Now that you have read a little about some file compression softwares and their pro’s and con’s you can determine your budget and select the program right for you. You will probably need to conduct some private research and gather more information on compression tools in order to make a good selection.

Also check out: http://download.cnet.com/windows/file-compression/ for a list of file compression tools, their statistics and user reviews on them.


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