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The iPhone came out in the year 2007. This changed a lot in the technology market. This is because at that time and before that the companies that ruled the market had similar features with physical QWERTY keyboards to boot with. The companies had similar OS and the features resembled the ones people already had been using for the past couple of years.


The iPhone is one of the many gadgets now that has a new OS and with the competition that iPhone 4 started with a new OS, gave rise to Android market competitors. The iOS of iPhone 4 was supported and it still is, by the biggest virtual app store. The iTunes has been helping users find the kind of applications they wanted for daily life routine work. However, it regulated the market for app stores as well and now Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Google, Kindle, Nokia, Samsung etc all have Android app stores. Now with another amazing feature of iPhone, the other companies are following up. Now however, it is more like the competitive rivalry with equal levels. The accessory market is also at its best.  If you look at the iPhone 4 cases and covers, you will find that the companies other than Apple have settled in with most varieties against such covers and cases. Now you all can find the cases and covers for different gadgets like laptops, gaming consoles, mobile phones (smartphones), tablets etc. Some of the dealers that provide all the accessories for all the competitors without nay differentiation are as under:


1)      Wrappz: This dealer or rather I should say a company now, in UK that provides the users with all kinds of accessories like cases, covers, decals, skins and even sleeves etc. You will find the best bumpers for the tablets and the cellular devices with custom features. All you need is to open the site and upload the images that you would want for the accessories to be designed with. Choose colors, texture and materials as well and you can have the best custom accessories for your gadgets including iPhones.


2)      GelaSkin: This is the best site for the skins and the stickers that you would like to avail. The GelaSkin brand is working in the market since long and has the perfect idea what the users will like. You can get the best floral, funky, sober etc designs in the skins and stickers. You can also get the custom designs printed in them


3)      CaseMate: This brand produces the best cases and covers in the leather and silicone material. You may also find the best varieties of the rubber cases and covers as well with them in very negotiable prices. Like Wrappz, it also ships the accessories all around the world.



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