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Best Andriod Browsers

Choosing the best browser for Android can prove to be an extremely challenging task, since each option available has its strengths and weaknesses and the developers are on a constant race to improve them, releasing updates and upgrades periodically.

Firefox – It is the software that made a huge leap in an extremely short time. Thanks to its free distribution, fast loading and full support of the Sync application, Firefox allows you to bring all the passwords and bookmarks on your desktop. The Do Not Track feature represents one more security measure you can take in order to protect all your work and data from spyware or the annoying spammers.

Chrome – Google’s popular browser now has a version for Android too and, for many fans, it is the best browser for Android and computers alike. It is a must have, because the Incognito Mode and the Sync feature give you the possibility to browse free, fast, safe and easy through all the searches, tabs and personal info stocked on your Android device right from your desktop. The recent updates made Chrome compatible with the latest version of the applications supported by Android, so there are a lot of pluses and practically no minuses supporting Chrome as the perfect browser.

Dolphin – Although not as famous as its competitors, this browser certainly lives up to them through its extraordinary features, such as the third-party plug-ins or the speech-to text application which gives you the option to have your words written based on dictation. The Dolphin is sold in two versions: the HD version that supports all the features integrated in the browser and the Mini version that integrates fewer options but has a higher speed, making the choice of the best browser for Android only a problem of lifestyle and priorities.


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