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There are many brands that manufacture and sell computer and accessories worldwide. However, people who want a desktop, laptop or accessories that last for a long time and offer consistent performance often opt for Dell over other brands. Dell desktops and laptops may cost you a bit more than some of the competing brands but you can be assured of quality and performance. Another reason they are popular with buyers is because of Dell’s extensive on-site customization facility. You can configure a desktop laptop with components and accessories of your choice at Dell website online which is really convenient. No matter which model you buy, over long periods of usage you may find Dell PC becoming sluggish and slugging at multi tasking.

If it is not caused by a malware intrusion in your desktop or laptop, chances are there your computer is performing slowly owing to inadequate memory. You will have to buy suitable dell memory for your computer to salvage the situation. No matter how powerful the Processor is in your computer, without sufficient memory it will struggle to multitask. When you buy a new computer it runs fast but with time, you may install many apps which hog some amount of memory. Thus after some months or a few years, the installed memory turns out to be inadequate for needs. At that time, you can buy additional dell memory and install it to improve PC performance.

There are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind before you shop for additional memory for your Dell notebook or desktop computer. First, you need to see if the motherboard of the computer has any vacant slot. Next, you need to see what types of memory are supported by it. If the computer is just a couple of years old it will possibly support DDR3 memory modules. However, if the laptop you use is 4 to 5 years old then it can support the older dell laptop memory of DDR2 variants.

Installing memory modules in your Dell desktop are relatively easier. However, if the PC is still under warranty terms you should probably contact customer care of the brand to get it installed by their staffs. Otherwise, you can adhere to visual guides that came with your PC. In fact, you can also find a number of memory installation guides for Dell computers in a web. Those might be helpful for you. You can either opt for dell memory or compatible third party brand memory modules including those by Transcend and Kingston, for example. You can search for compatible memory brands on Dell website of your country and this will be of help in this regard.

You may buy dell laptop memory or dell printer memory from company website itself. However, it is also an option to buy compatible memory modules for your Dell computer from third party IT accessory sellers online. You can compare the products offered by such sellers online and ensure that they offer original Dell warranty with the products.


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