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Delhi, a City of Awe-Inspiring Charms

A city of great contrasts and the capital of India, Delhi is one of the leading tourist spots of the country. You will find a marvelous fusion of contemporary and ancient, new and old in this lively metropolis. ...more

A good investment option before retirement

With the middle class and also the emerging middle class owning a piece of property in a prominent city area is now seen as a status symbol. It is this one factor that motivates him to save money. All salaried professionals and workers now prefer to own a house, an apartment or flat to spend time after his retirement. For some other group of people, investment in housing is seen as an investment option very similar to that of an investment in fixed deposits, stock market or insurance. ...more

How High Heels Can Improve Your Life

We spend most of our life being told that high heels are bad for us and how we will be sorry when we’re older. However, the truth is most stylish and chic ladies love wearing heels. ...more

Where Can You Go to Find Large Ladies Shoes?

There is a bit of a misconception when it comes to ladies feet. Most men think that all women have dainty small shoe sizes and that most women have feet that are smaller than a size six. ...more

Cost Effective and Attractive Sikh Wedding Cards

We are provideing Beautiful Sikh marriage invitations, Punjabi wedding invitation cards, and Ek Onkar Cards with intricate artwork. ...more