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Exams are hard on anyone at any given age. The path to tackling it is slightly easier depending on the candidate’s effort and exam approach. There are suggestions and information on how to study all over the internet; choosing the right ones also makes the key to a successful start for exam preparation.

Any examination requires guidance especially when the pattern is new and moreso when it involves all engineers across the country. This experience could be new and overwhelming for a first timer. Taking help is essential. Help for this exam can be in the form of coaching institutes or from other students’ with previous GATE experience. The main thing that comes out of this kind of association is that the mentor can tell the student what parts come in the exam and which don’t. This will help him read up only those and work on them sincerely. The remaining parts can be given a quick read just to retain continuity and no random breaks between chapters. A second assistance is that he can reveal his mode of working with reference to time management. This is important and the best way is to give this template a try. It can be changed at different points but a starting point always helps the students for a landmark examination like GATE.

The other important thing would be to expand the study into a group of 4-5. This number is manageable and would help work round tricks to start with. The quick ways to remember or short cut to an answer by perhaps skipping a step or two will help. Most of the time if the group covers the large chapters together, it saves time; more topics can be completed in GATE perspective. Networking can also help keep in touch with the GATE toppers. Contacting about a handful and discovering their struggle will definitely help one prepare better. Keeping the scale as high as the GATE toppers’ might also help gain confidence and thus focus firm on a higher note. Apart from the study regime, holding gatherings to help one another overcome tougher problems in GATE or pace of study can be dealt with and solved. This is essential as a check is important to help everyone be comfortable in a group environment and progress with the portion successfully. Helping one another will help one support himself and thus move ahead.

Testing individual performance via a sample test is good as it will help make group comparisons and this is essential to get back on track if needed in terms of longer hours or pace and mode of preparation. By taking these minute measures it is easier to get closer to the set GATE score.


Engineering profession can be short lived if the right steps are not taken into account and therefore there is a need to work up the ladder in a systematic format. GATE exams are the ladder to reach higher degrees and achieve a fulfilling professional life.


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