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Getting married is easily one of the most exciting and important events of your entire life, and there’s nothing better than finding the perfect venue to really make your wedding day as perfect as possible. Choosing between different venues can be a difficult decision, but we’re here to help you through everything you need to consider, as well as to show you a couple of the most beautiful and popular locations. Fortunately for the two of you, the wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer are among the best in the world: the most beautiful, the most exclusive and the most unique locations can be found right here in the City of Angels.

When picking a wedding venue, it’s important to first decide on the style of event you want to create. Weddings can be held day or night, indoors and out, and selecting the right venue helps to create the perfect atmosphere. This is especially true if you’re hoping to hold an outdoor wedding, as you wouldn’t want a simple change in the weather to ruin your perfect day. A good venue will offer both indoor and outdoor spaces, giving you some flexibility if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.
It’s important to make sure that you do your venue research a very long time in advance of the actual wedding day, as many of the most popular places are booked many months – and in some cases, well over a year – in advance. If you truly have your heart set on a particular venue, however, don’t be afraid to set the date of your wedding day back a little while until you can book into the venue of your dreams. This is a fairly common practice, especially when you come across a venue that’s absolutely perfect for you!
For a truly special affair, you may want to consider booking into the world-famous Hotel Bel-Air, located just minutes from Beverly Hills. While this venue is definitely on the expensive side, the sense of style and high-class allure are visible everywhere throughout the building and grounds. The newly-remodelled and re-opened hotel can accommodate large weddings of up to 300 people, and Master Chef Wolfgang Puck creates culinary wedding masterpieces that are sure to satisfy anyone and everyone. The grounds surrounding the hotel are carefully landscaped for a perfect outdoor wedding, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Swan Lake.

If the glitz and glamor of a Beverly Hills wedding isn’t quite your taste, you might want to consider a more naturally picturesque location, such as the Hotel Casa Del Mar. It combines the class of 1920′s-era architecture with the beauty of the Pacific Ocean into a beautiful array of venues for any ceremony no matter the size. Their multiple event spaces ensure that you’ll be able to find something that fits your dream of a perfect wedding venue, to make your perfect day a reality.
Even if neither of those locations seems perfect for you, you can be sure that one of the many wedding venues Los Angeles possesses will be exactly right for your dream wedding – just remember to consider all the points we mentioned when doing your research!



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