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Mobile Video Surveillance is the latest and the fastest growing concept in the segment of video security surveillance. These systems are used and installed for keeping a close guard on the valuable assets present at a workplace or site.

Principle of Working: Overview

These systems consist of high-end, fully functional security cameras that precisely work anytime during the day. The cameras are custom-built and perform according to the specific type of environment or industrial application. Additionally, these units can be both, analog and IP based wherein, it chooses mobile users or clients to visualize surveillance videos through mobile networks. However, now-a-days, mobile clients and networks have restrained network and computational resources. Therefore, the mobile video surveillance system is now performed by combining the moving object detection through video streaming over 3G communication networks.

Keeping a watch on men, their movement and material at a given facility or site has never been an easy task. One needs to adapt innovative ideas and high-end technologies that can enable us to keep a watch on the facility 24×7. The idea functions on a simple principle that involves converting a light tower into a portable security and surveillance system, that too in a matter of minutes. These systems are installed in several places because it proves to be a much smarter and simpler option for a video security system. They prove to be a cost-efficient option too.

Transform a Conventional Light Tower into a Mobile Video Security System

Generally we have heard of an outdoor security system that is often setup in commercial spaces and construction sites to safeguard the entire facility or site. The modus-operandi of a mobile video security system does the same job, but in an efficient and much advanced manner. These days, this new concept is catching up in the market and noticeably becoming quite reliable as well. These systems can be installed in a matter of 10 minutes with the help of just one person. Moreover, the most interesting part is the system allows you to convert any regular, conventional light tower into a ‘suitable for all terrain’ surveillance system. In simple terms, a mobile video surveillance security system can easily be fitted onto a light tower within a short period of time.

Additionally, the choice of encoders, different cameras, and communication devices are equipped with this particular system. Also, the security system is often accessed with the site management software, wherein, the user can easily monitor and control all the activities of a given facility from a remote location. In case, if you desire to monitor a facility in low light conditions, you have the option to install night vision cameras. Often times, some systems offer the option to integrate solar powered video surveillance unit that also use a natural power source.

Mobile video surveillance systems are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor applications. The units are sturdy and durable in nature. They are specifically designed and engineered to withstand all harsh and unpleasant weather conditions. 


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