Perhaps your outdoor seating has gotten a bit of a black eye over the past several years. This could be thanks to a number of wind incidents, storms, and a variety of other accidents, outdoor bleacher safety is a fairly hot topic these days.

It does not matter if you are a concert venue, an athletic facility, or something completely different, the last thing you want is to put your patrons and entertainers or athletes in danger, so it is important to choose the right outdoor seating solutions and performing regular maintenance on your existing seating is a must.

Select the Right Outdoor Bleachers

Selecting the right outdoor bleachers is the first step to maintaining a safe environment. You should consider capacity, available space, and sightlines as you develop the right outdoor seating plan. Remember that outdoor bleachers don’t simply have to be hard metal benches anymore. Instead you can customize your solution with backrests, various colored powered coats, and even customized seating arrangements that will make your area work for almost any event. There are even press boxes you can choose to sit on top of your bleachers.

The key to getting the right ones for you is to talk carefully with the company you’re considering. You want to let them know about your needs as well as your safety concerns at the outset. There are all sorts of different solutions to consider, from tip and roll bleachers (ideal for pools and other venues where bleachers may need to be moved) to customized grandstands. Talking with your company about exactly what you want will help you design the perfect solution from the outset.

Bleacher Safety

Even after you select great outdoor bleachers, proactive maintenance is going to be an ongoing need. It will help you lower your long term costs, and it could ensure you reduce your accident levels, as well as any legal risks you may face from those potential accidents. You need to not only take into account the general safety of those who may be using your bleachers, but also whether or not they’re in compliance with local and state codes. Don’t forget to document all of your inspections and repairs carefully, and if your seating company suggests any aftermarket products to protect your investment, you should certainly consider it.

Outdoor bleachers can be the perfect place to cheer for the home team, but quality seating has to be part of the equation. Make the right choice at the outset, then maintain it well.

And once the project is finished, don’t forget to take some time to look at the faces of your patrons, athletes or entertainers when they walk into the updated areas for the first time. Their faces will light up at how great everything looks.


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