With the changing global scenario of making new innovative products out of the old one, the same trend is followed by the metal industry. As a matter of fact, the metal steel has acquired a major part in people’s life as steel is used in making different products thus making life easier. In metal industries especially in steel industries, flame cutting is used as a basic method of metal cutting. As this method is quite inexpensive and is effective in all means. For flame cutting, a gas, a suitable burner and a steady hand is required. These things have remained the same since the twentieth century. Flame cutting is actually a combustion process and is not merely heating of the sheet metal. In fact, an oxygen jet is used to burn the material during the process of heat formation and transports the combustion products i.e. slag away. While cutting the metal, purity of oxygen is of utter importance for the cutting speed. Therefore, the purer the gas, the higher the speed of cutting ultimately resulting into good cut quality and better productivity. Before beginning the cutting, the steel must be heated to the level of ignition temperature by means of a gas flame. In addition to this, choice of fuel gas affects the quality of cut as well as the time used for preheating. Moreover, while selecting a fuel, the thickness of the material to be cut must also be considered. Whereas, one may minimize the risk of fire as well as an explosion by using odorized oxygen as there is always a risk while dealing with fuel gases. Actually the odour gives a timely warning in the case of gas leaks.

In flame cutting process, the most significant part is the cutting nozzle. The output of the nozzle depends upon the outlet speed of the oxygen jet. However, the speed of the oxygen jet depends on the shape of the cutting nozzle. These days nozzles with an expansion channel are now used which gives the oxygen jet a high speed. To achieve a high quality cut the construction of the cutting nozzle and its adjustment to various gases with respect to the size of the gas channels, tolerances, surface finish, and exact geometry are of critical importance. However, the cutting speed can be increased by using the curtain nozzle. As this kind of nozzle has a special oxygen channel that protects the cutting oxygen jet from the impurities which in turn makes higher cutting speed possible. Flame cutting is also known as Oxyfuel cutting and is generally used for cutting mild and low alloyed steel. In addition, the quality of cut is also based on the surface of the work  piece and can be influenced by different types of shop primer. These cutting machines can be programmed by using computer technology in order to minimize material wastage. Moreover, multi cutting head machines are also accessible for high volume production appliances.

However, one has to be careful while dealing with fuel gases and oxygen as it can lead to dangerous situations, in case the person handling these gases lacks adequate knowledge.


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