Every business person is looking for way to make more money. That usually starts with attracting more customers. There are flea markets and swap meets around the country that offer vendors a chance to deal directly with the public. Michigan has some popular flea markets in Taylor and the Detroit area. Wherever one lives, doing business at flea markets can add a new, lucrative revenue stream.

All companies have several ways of getting their products to market. Some sell in retail stores, others sell over the Internet; some do both. In the old days many businesses relied on mail order; and some still use that tactic. Today with competition as fierce as it is in many verticals, it pays to investigate new ways to bring in revenue. Flea markets and swap meets may seem like a low tech solution, but they get the job done because they allow business people to set up shop for a low rental fee. Most flea markets charge cheap weekly or monthly fees that open up selling opportunities for every size company; so small companies can have the same chance to reach thousands of customers as big companies do.

One of the other big advantages to selling at a flea market is the relatively quick setup time. Most booths can be set up and stocked within a few hours, allowing vendors to begin selling rapidly. So if a business is looking for a fast way to get more customers, then selling at a flea market may be the answer. Products can be switched out quickly too. So if a vendor sees that a particular item is moving fast, he or she can move out slower selling items and re-stock the tables and shelves with the more popular products.

Some of the bigger swap meets attract thousands of customers who are shopping for bargains. The most well-known locations draw big crowds every weekend. Some of the venues offer special events such as carnival rides, car shows and live entertainment. These shows draw even more foot traffic and many of these people pass right by the flea market areas on their way to the shows. Vendors are advised to try and find flea market sites that co-market with some of these big shows. The booths at these flea markets might cost a bit more, but the greater exposure likely will be worth the extra fee.

Every business person wants new ways to reach the public. Flea markets remove the middle man so companies can sell directly to people and retain more of the profit. Those vendors who frequent flea markets can build a reputation and enjoy sales from repeat customers. A good idea is to test the flea market scene by setting up a small but attractive booth and see what the response is from consumers. Businesses can try several local flea market venues to see which return the most profit for their investment.


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