Commission of a crime carries with it consequences that can include imprisonment, fines or both. In the United States a person is innocent until proven guilty, but the accused stands the best chance for a good defense if he or she obtains the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In Springfield, MO there are some attorneys that specialize in DWI, drug charges, weapons offenses and other criminal defense practice areas. Whether one lives in Missouri or elsewhere, it pays to consult an attorney when fighting a criminal charge.

For example, if one is facing a weapons charge such as threatening an individual with a deadly weapon, then consultation with a defense attorney is crucial. The defense attorney ensures that the accused’s constitutional rights are not violated. The burden of proof of guilt is on the government; the accused does not have to prove his or her innocence if the government cannot prove guilt. The defense for this charge could very well be that the accused acted in self-defense. In this case, the attorney must present evidence to show the court that the accused acted in a way that offered no other recourse to prevent bodily harm to his or her person.

It is the attorney’s role to present a proper defense that fits a particular offense. For example if a person is accused of stealing a car, the situation may have been that the car actually belonged to him or her and the accused was retrieving it from another party. Criminal charges such as DWI can be defended in a number of ways; sometimes by proving that the sobriety tests were not given fairly. Drug charges can be defended in various ways usually relating to the validity of the officers’ searches of homes or automobiles for contraband items. An experienced attorney knows these and many other defenses that can assist people accused of a crime.

The first thing a person accused of a crime is advised to do is to call a defense attorney for a consultation. Usually attorneys offer free consultations, and it is a good idea to call more than one attorney before making a decision which lawyer to work with. Being accused of a crime can result in jail time or heavy financial penalties so the choice of a lawyer is critical. People accused of crimes need the laws explained to them and they need defense attorneys that will fight for their freedom. While it can be stressful and confusing trying to navigate the legal system, finding an experienced defense attorney can help people have the opportunity to achieve a satisfactory verdict.


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