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What do you call a consumer who wants to buy everything you have, buys each and every small or big thing you own and doesn’t care about how much it costs?  A seller’s dream consumer?  Perhaps, you can also call them kids. Children today can be known as the most easily captured consumer for any market be it food, gadgets or toys, etc.

Today’s generation is completely influenced by commercialization due to which parents have a hard time grooming their children as importance and trust is laid more on a television advertisement  than on a mother’s advice.

Following are the five ways of targeting and marketing a child as a consumer:-

Pestering parents

“We’re relying on the kid to pester the mom to buy the product, rather than going straight to the mom.”- Barbara Martino, an Advertising Executive

·         Today’s kids have more decision-making power in the family as to what they want rather than the parents deciding what to buy for them.

·          “Pester power” refers to the child’s ability to nag their parents into purchasing items they may not usually buy. Marketing to children is all about creating that pester power, as it is the best way to increase the sales of that product.

·         Efforts should be made by the marketers in advertising a product so strongly that a child nags his parents to buy that product anyhow. 

Brand Loyalty

·         Marketers plant the seeds of brand recognition in very young children with a hope that the seeds will grow into lifetime bonding and relationships.

·         According to a research, babies as young as six months of age can form mental images of logos.

·         Thus brand logos should be established in the minds of young children at a probable age of two due to which they will set a relationship with that brand for lifelong.

Advertising in Schools

·         A school has now become a place where corporations have availed the access of advertising in exchange of providing cash or educational materials.

·         E.g.:  Supplying schools with sponsorships in exchange of high product advertising in the school.

·         In addition, companies are also recognizing the advantages of developing strong brand associations through facilitating school field trips. 

Targeting on the Internet

·         The internet has now become an extremely desirable med-ium for marketers to target children.

·         This generation of young people is growing up with the internet as a daily part and a routine of their lives.

·         Parents generally do not understand the extent to which kids are being marketed online.

·         Thus, an attractive and fascinating ad can easily build brand loyalties right from an early age.

Endorsement from Stars

·         An advertisement of the product with a cricketer would be more widespread on the young minds rather than the product with a prime minister.

·         Such creativity in the marketing brings a large response of the product as the young minds are more played with.

·         Also, these models are more believed in than a child’s own parents. This builds an advantage for the marketer to rule over a child’s emotions. 


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