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The new ip phones that are based on VoIP technology are available with a number of user-friendly features that make these phones highly indispensable  All these features are extremely user-friendly and these features have made VoIP based systems like Ipedge so very popular in the business fraternity these days. Let us discuss five of them.

1)      Long distance calling: This is the feature that helps these ip phones score over their more traditional counterparts. The VoIP technology helps in long distance calling via internet. This helps in connecting with people from any part of the world with the help of a PC with Internet connection and a VoIP connection ensures that you do not shell any amount for long distance calling. This is an extremely user friendly feature that helps in connecting with people in any part of the world without any extra expense.

2)      Video Conferencing: This is another feature that ip phones like Ipedge offer. It helps in conducting video conferencing with as many people as needed irrespective of their individual locations. This is another very user-friendly feature that can be activated by punching in buttons that are found on the VoIP enabled telephone sets.     

3)      Caller ID: This is another user-friendly feature that enables the caller to pull up the records of the caller to find out sensitive information and to guarantee that they are safe and secure in the hand of the business authorities. The entire system is menu-driven and you do not to be tech-savvy to retrieve the data.  

4)      Call transfer: This is yet another feature that makes ip phones like Ipedge so much handy. This is especially applicable in case of call centers where customers need to contact the employees to have their queries resolved. Instead of having to wait at times of heavy call pressure for a representative to pick up and have the call transferred to the appropriate department, you just need to follow the instructions of the IVR and punch in numbers to have your call transferred to the appropriate department.

5)      Call recording: This is again another feature that makes these ip phones absolutely indispensable  This feature enables to record the calls at the press of a single button and this helps to refer to earlier calls for calculating sales leads, evaluation of the performance of a representatives in case of call center business. It also helps in quality analysis and audit, imparting coaching to a representative if the individual in found wanting. It also helps in providing on job training to the new recruits in call center industry.

All these features are extremely useful besides being so user-friendly.  Hence the success of ip phones ride high on these features. 


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  • Janet
    Janet (March 17, 2014 at 2:06 am)

    I am trying to use JoinMe for a voice coecfrnnee only. However, it doesn’t seem like I can have one user sign in via VOIP and the other user sign in via telephone. Is that possible?

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