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There are so many things these days that you can do online. You can basically have your everyday business done online if you play your cards right. You can also pay taxes, order all sorts of forms, and purchase all the items that you could only imagine from the Internet. Online stores are becoming evermore popular and the online purchases grossed 10 billion euros last year. That is big but not as big as the growth figures that indicate online purchasing to be even more popular year by year. There is no online recession in sight.

I was browsing the Internet in search of a clear vision of what are the things that you can’t do over the internet. I realized that people are even trading bad goods and stolen stuff including all sorts of medical supplies etc. Good thing about all this is of course that you can actually buy almost anything. I bought a new set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires last week from the Internet and it is due to arrive next week. I saved approximately 100 euros when ordering online and as I only use Nokian Hakkapeliitta tire, I was extremely happy to find a set of these online.

Cars and car parts in general must be one of the most traded items in Internet. You can find millions of cars being sold everyday online. The biggest sites are the German ones Mobile and Autoscout. These are a great channel to benchmark the value of your car and if you live somewhere nearby, you can also go and get a car from Germany. Car parts and tuning in general is a big business as well. There are some big tuning pages that consist of millions of different items that you can pimp your car up with. Tires are one way of doing some serious pimping.

I love the easiness of online shopping. Ordering parts and items that I need from the Internet saves me from a lot of trouble. Usually, it is actually more expensive anyway to go and buy from stores because you end up buying more that you originally planned.


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