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The new model of Nissan has no parallel in its shape and design. This car targets the upper middle class people and is extremely elegant in its looks and style. This four seater Sedan has sacrificed its performance on its mileage. The mileage is 22 in town and 31 on highway. The company has installed this time a paddler shifter. It helps to control car with only hands on your steering. You can perform nearly six different functions with just one click on steering. The new technology of under steer control in Altima helps you to control vehicle when you are turning with high speed or on sharper roads.



Altima has hard line design exterior. A heavy body is not intended for looks, it also helps in reducing air resistance while driving. The drag force has been decreased tremendously and its helps in increasing fuel efficiency. HD xenon lights are installed which provides brighter view on the road. LED taillights have been redesigned and are elegant in shape and looks.



The leather sheets are improved in quality in order to give more comfort to the drivers. For music lovers, nine different speakers are installed in the vehicle in both the front and back seats. It will surely give an ultimate experience that you have never experienced before. The heating system is also installed in steering.



Nissan connect helps you to perform number of functions that were not easy to perform in small cars. You can have hand free phone capability, audio streaming, navigation and much more. Another system known as advanced drive assist helps to keep your attention focused on the road. It shows your car on 5.5-inch LCD navigation screen. The intelligent key system can let you start your car from a distance of 100 feet. It helps to warm your car and save your time.



Safety has been the highest priority of Nissan. Like the old cars, you do not have to guess for the air pressure in your tire. Sometimes, such estimates also results in tire bursts. The new model has introduced the Altima Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The signal appears on the LCD display of your car when the required pressure is reached while pumping. Altima is also installed with Antilock Braking System (ABS). This system responds automatically to braking system. The Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) are more sensitive and durable than all the previous models.


 Altima is available with number of accessories. The body slide molding, tracking system, bumper protector makes it unique than other cars. The MRSP of Nissan Bolt is $30,560 and this vehicle is worth to buy. 



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